How Karma Plays a Big Role in Business

Do you believe in Karma?

I always claimed I did, growing up and as a young adult. But Karma took on a brand new meaning for me when I became an entrpreneur.

Like most of us, I was very early on introduced to the power of positive thinking, the secret and the law of attraction. And with perserverance I had accomplished a great many things using these principals.

Then comes Karma. And I am not referring to the eye for an eye kind. I am referring specifically to the gratitude and the “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” kind.

I have always found that when in the midst of either working on  listing a home for sale or in the middle of negotiations on a home purchase and sale or conditional period, if I became impatient or in anyway not saying thank you or being grateful for the experience and opportunity ( to the universe or whom ever) then it would inevitably, no matter how solid this deal was, crash and burn.

I have also always found ( and did this once or twice before I realized it was not the way to go) if I EVER counted my commission or earnings for any particular real estate transaction I was working on either on paper, or in my head it’s over. BAD KARMA.

There are many reasons and factors I believe could play in to why this happens.

  1. It’s the universe ( or whom ever) punishing my “ego” and ungratefulness.
  2.  My self centered focus had taken away from my service and affected the outcome

Whatever the case may be. Each and every day I remember these unwritten rules and am SURE to always express thanks and NEVER EVER focus on what I am getting vs what I am giving.

This great Karma rule has spilled over into my personal life as well. And the benefits are unbelievable.

Do you have similar experiences? What are your real estate or other Karma stories?

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