Motherhood and Real Estate – A Tale of Truth

My Conquer Queen Series – How The Hell I Am Doing It. Or At Least Pretending I Am.

As a wife, mother of two incredibly active children, business owner, director of my local real estate board, multi committee member,volunteer, mentor and friend I am often asked, “How the hell do you do it all?”

Part of me just wants to insert an “I don’t know, I just do” line here. But I can’t or this post would be redundant and I would practically hear the eyes rolling.

The truth of the matter is, I am doing it. So let’s talk about how.

DISCLOSURE: I am not going to say any of this comes easy to me. Nor is it perfect and may not work for everyone. However, it works for me and maybe even little parts of my story will help or at the very least give you something to relate to.


As a mother, I am just honest with my kids. Some may say even brutally honest. They are 8 and 12 years old now and true veterans of being the child of a real estate agent ( in their case real estate agents… their Daddy is one too).

They’ve hung out in the back seat of the car while I have done last minute property showings, they’ve been read their  bed time stories at breakfast time because I knew I wouldn’t be there at the actual time and didn’t want to miss it. They can without a doubt give you the average sale price of a 2 storey home in South West London as well as why I am worth my full commission. On long car rides we talk about neighborhoods and demographics rather then license plates and vegetation.

However, ask either one of them and you will find that they are not mad about this. They do not feel deprived or neglected. Cheated out of normal family weekends and evenings. Because I am honest with them.

I tell them exactly why I am doing what I am doing.  To provide for them, to be an example of working for passion over money, and to ensure they know the true value of creating your own destiny through patience sacrifice and hard work. Not to mention, I get to meet new and amazing people every day that I get to help. Which is awesome!

Believe me when I say that they are compensated well for their contributions. Not just in material things but in time as well.

I am not always dragging them around with me or shushing them while I am on the phone. I am also front row at every school play, dance competition and field trip.

All of this boils down to proper time management, planning, scheduling and follow through. Which is the core foundation to absolutely every thing that I do. (more on this in next post)

As well, there is serious truth in the saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. Without a strong support system of friends around me I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it.

The vital components to any successful Mother, Real Estate Agent and Entrpreneur are:

  1. Complete honesty with yourself and with your family ( you aren’t perfect. But with honesty and support from all parties you sure can get close to it)
  2.  A village of supportive people that know and understand you. That share your beliefs and have your back.
  3.  A freakin’ plan. Never start an idea, a year or even a day without a plan in place. Get a fancy app to help you or write it on a napkin. Whatever you do, plan everything you do and stick to it as best you can. This 1 thing alone will change your life. I promise you.

You see. It’s not that complex or impossible. Simple really. I am not wonder woman.  I am just a passionate pursuer that sometimes has to make it up as she goes along too.

Until Next Time….



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