Why I Still Sell As A Broker Owner

Why I choose to sell real estate and be a selling Broker Owner.

When I first began my career in real estate I was told to be ware of the “Selling Broker”. For those who don’t know what this means, it’s a broker owner of a real estate brokerage that runs the company, mentors other real estate agents in the brokerage and also sells real estate. In other words handles their own buyer and seller clients and transactions.

It was told to me to be cautious of this as I would essentially be competing with my broker and brokerage for business. That we would be in competition with one another.

Through my own personal experience and time within the industry I realized that this is not entirely accurate and that a selling broker should not be a reason to avoid working with any given real estate brokerage.

When I decided to take on the venture of opening my own company I was faced with the question: “Will I still sell real estate while managing the office and mentoring other realtors or will I become strictly management and give up selling all together?”

The thought of never dealing with a home buyer or seller directly ever again made me feel sick to my stomach for a number of reasons.

So I chose to remain a selling broker. And here are the reasons why:

  1. I Need To Have My Feet in The Water

The real estate industry changes faster then any other industry I know. Not only with rules and legislation but the market and style of negotiations change. The people change. I felt if I turned away completely it wouldn’t be long before I was no longer on top of the things that I needed to advise others on. To me, staying relevant is essential and the only way to do this is to actually be in it. I can read all of the market reports in the world. Listen to chats about the latest around the office or in my one on one sessions with agents. I can be involved at arms length with transactions I am helping on or speak with other selling colleagues however it is just like speaking another language. If you don’t consistently use it, over time it fades. The muscle becomes weaker.

2. We Are Not Actually Competing

We are not in competition brokerage to brokerage, office to office or board to board. Yes. We fish in the same pond however I strongly believe that people work with me for ME and you for YOU. Would I ever go head to head in a listing competition with one of the real estate agents in my office? No. Because of course their success is my success and my main focus is supporting them. So I would much rather go hand in hand. After all, the main reason my brokerage opened it’s doors was because helping others is a passion of mine. Me selling as a broker owner is no different then working alongside other sales representatives in other real estate offices. We cross paths regularly when representing clients as professionals in all situations no matter where we hang our hats. And to think that as a broker owner I would be taking away leads coming in to the office for my own personal gain is obsurd. First, the thought that taking from the success I promise my team I would help them achieve would be like filling up a bucket of water that has a hole in it. Second, in this day and age the consumer knows what they want and how to find it. Gone are the days of random walk ins to the local real estate brokerage or picking up the phone and calling to say “Hello, I need to sell my house.” The consumer knows more then we give them credit. They have chosen you long before you have ever met them.

3. There is enough business out there for all of us. Bottom line.

4. I Get The Best Of Both Worlds

I get to see the industry I love so much from both sides of the table. And believe it or not, I have more then enough time to do it all. The reasons for that are: I have a strong support system of admin staff and real estate agents who share in my passion to help me.

I have always been a person who learns new things and perfects my craft 24/7. Being there for others, while being there for myself and my family has never been a challenge for me. Doing what you love and believe in is never hard.

Many may disagree, but after reading this post I hope you see that there is good in every choice and you have to choose what’s right for you. I just wanted to show the other side of the coin.


Until Next Time,



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