How to Slash Your Social Media Appetite and Get More Done

When I was a child growing up it was very common to see my parents at the kitchen table, sipping tea and reading the newspaper every morning.

For my children, the stage is set the same except I am not reading a paper. I am reading my phone. My two eyes glued to a lit up screen that is not telling me what happened in the city over night but rather what happened for every single person on my friends list at a rapid speed.

You all know what I am talking about. You are guilty of this too. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest you name it. We’ve all got it and we are all addicted to checking it ON THE REGULAR.

Being someone who is constantly looking to improve myself and the way I do things, I started to pay attention to just how much time I was spending daily scrolling on my phone. That coupled with the desire to remove all things negative in my life. Facebook can be a wonderful tool for connections, both personal and business. However, it can also be very negative.

First things first, on my testing day I pulled out a piece of paper. On this paper I was going to track how many times I logged into social media sites on my phone and how long I stayed on them.

I say my phone because that is where I primarily use these sites. I will log on to Facebook when I am scheduling business page posts or adding listings.  But for the most part I am on my phone surfing.

You will not believe what I learned that day. I am a little ashamed actually.

I didn’t count the time I was logged in to the sites for business purposes. So that I meant I spent, or better said… wasted 1.5 hours of an entire day on  social media. Whether is was a glance at it when I received a notification that someone shared the Diply video that made me laugh and then proceeded to scroll until I was all caught up again. Or if I was daydreaming about what was next on my To-Do list and picked it up WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT!

Upon learning this I knew it was time for a break. Never would or will I give up social media all together. It’s wonderful. But shouldn’t be consuming like that. The only way to save my time was to just remove the apps from my phone. That way if I want to check in I will have to physically log in to the computer and for some weird reason doing that task means I have to be present and think about what I am doing.

After the initial shock of the little blue icon disappearing from my screen I actually felt a bit relieved. Kind of like when you go on vacation and totally unplug. (people do that?)

I can’t tell you exactly where that extra 1.5 hours has gone or how I am using it now but I can tell you that I am almost done a very good book that I have been reading in the morning with my coffee and before I go to sleep at night. That is a feeling that I didn’t even realized I had missed.

Other great things are happening too! I’m not bummed for not doing all of those “exercise from home” videos or drinking the magic belly fat water. I also don’t have to get angry at all of the game requests or app invites!

But you know what was the most profound? I am no longer comparing myself to others.

I have no idea what any one else is doing or isn’t doing with their life and their time, unless I outright ask them. And it is GLORIOUS!

Most of you may say that this is not a problem you have with social media but that is simply not true. We are human. We all do it. And as Realtors it can sometimes be impossible not to. Whether it happens with a positive outcome or a negative one, it happens. And when I no longer had it  given to me on a bright and shiny device boy did I feel good.

I haven’t fully committed to giving up social media apps on my phone all together. They may make a surprising appearance again. Some, or all. Not sure. Instagram doesn’t work well not on a mobile device so I am going to have to have that back sooner rather then later.

Whatever happens I am glad I took a step back and noticed the wasteful time I was spending on social media as well realizing that it is somewhat of a necessary evil. Finding balance is probably just the key.

I challenge you to test yourself for a day and then take it a step further and go on a mobile social media diet too.

Let me know your results! We can empower ( or un-power… lol) each other together!!


Until Next Time…



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