3 Step Process to Consistent Success in Real Estate

Building a successful real estate career is something many dream of.

I remember when I first started thinking about becoming a real estate agent I looked at others and thought “What a glamorous career”

So many exciting things to do, so much freedom. So much money!

Was I ever wrong about that….

Sorry, let me retract that. I am not wrong about any of those things. They are in fact true about a career in real estate. You can have all of those things and more. However you have to work hard for them. Not only that, you have to be consistent. Consistent in all aspects in your life and in your business.

For a successful career in real estate, consistency is mandatory.

With so many exciting things to do in marketing, in networking, lead generating… it is very easy to get distracted, overwhelmed or too excited and try all of them. Which inevitably will fail. No one can take on everything at once, therefore your energy will start to slip and you will quit. To be successful in real estate you need to choose which business building efforts you are going to use, and use them. The same way, every day. More importantly, once you have made these choices and are consistently working on and towards them you cannot give up just because it gets hard. For example, one of your consistent daily business building activities is cold calling (yes, I said it… people do choose that) You put your plan in place and you start to take action. You are so excited and have so much energy…. in the beginning. But suddenly you realize you have been doing it for 3 days straight and you haven’t made any money yet. So you start to do it less and less, beginning to find excuses why you can’t do it and why it doesn’t make sense to do it before you know it, you’ve quit on it completely.  Cold calling, or any business building activity takes time. Nothing turns over, over night. We as real estate agents are in the business of building relationships. That takes time. It takes consistency to build trust.

Just because the first 10 people didn’t say “Yes” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Tried and true business building methods have been around as long as they have been for a reason. They work. But it takes patience and persistence.

This is not new information to you. I am sure your Mother said this to you when you were a child and wanted to quit when you couldn’t put certain lego pieces together. Our Mom’s are right about everything in life. Believe me.

An analogy I often use that is true time and time again as I work closely with other real estate agents in building successful businesses is this:

Think of the microwave popcorn bag. When you put it in, it sits inactive and quiet for the first 2 minutes and 22 seconds of the 2.5 minute cycle. Then all of sudden one kernel pops and WHAMMO the whole bag explodes in a party of buttery goodness.

This is VERY TRUE of lead generating and business building. For what always seems like forever, nothing is happening. Then one kernel pops, or one lead turns over and before long you have an entire bag of  leads. Hot and ready to go!

Give consistency a try. Choose your activity and give it your all, when you want to quit push further and soon the kernels will pop. They always do.

My recommendation is to commit to something for a minimum for 3 months. A full year ideally but no less then 3 months. You need to give the activity a chance to warm up and gain momentum.

The 3 Step Process to Consistent Success in Real Estate goes like this:

  1. Choose and Commit to between 1-3 Active Business Building Activities

What I mean when I say active is, I mean it has to be something that will push you out of your comfort zone and get you talking to real people, and making real relationships.

2. Build a plan for how and when you are going to do these tasks on a regular basis. DAILY is ideal.

Write out the steps for each activity, collect the materials needed, put it in your schedule and get started. It’s that easy.

3. Do not quit. Even if you really want to. Think about the popcorn.


Get started on this right away. Doesn’t matter if you are new to the business or have been around the block a few times. This is the true and only formula to a successful real estate career.

If you are ever stuck on what the activities are, what the steps to achieving them are, send me an email. I have tried everything.


Until Next Time…..



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