What Doesn’t Challenge You…

Being supportive is in my blood. Watching others succeed is my drug. Part of the reason I opened my own brokerage was because it gave me the ability to support my peers and others who wear my shoes on my own terms, in my own way.

Every month at my office I challenge the realtors in my office to different things. I know in these busy times it’s hard to get people in to the office so I do most of this by email, video or social media connection. I also do it this way because it forces an element of “self startership” (is that a word?) and you have to be highly motivated. Which is an absolute requirement to be a successful in my opinion.

My favorite of all challenges though has to be the JUNE-uary challenge. I coined this phrase a few years ago with a real estate agent I was working with you was struggling to meet her goals for the year and was ready to give up.

On June 1st we pretended it was a new year. We called it JUNE-uary. This allowed her to put behind her the first half of the year and start fresh and new for the second half. It made her feel like she could breath again and moved forward through out the year with vigor. A lesson we both learned from this change was accountability. She needed to be held more accountable to her goals moving forward as to not have to start from scratch all over again.

This experience and lesson morphed itself into The Agency Real Estate Brokerage’s JUNE-uary office challenge.

These challenges focus on goal review and revision as well as there are deep elements of being truthful and accountable. As well it allows for forgiveness and a WHOLE heck of ALOT of growth.

Has this peaked your interest? Join the 2017 JUNE-uary office challenge with us today! No pressure, no meetings just a fresh out look, a kick in the pants or a fresh start. Whatever the New HALF YEAR will bring you.


Finding this post after June 2017? That’s OK. Fill out the contact form and we will add you to the next one. Or any of our office challenges for that matter. The more the merrier.


Happy Selling!…


Until Next Time…




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